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An Uncommon Tale

It is an odd day when my father and I exchange words that will make each other cry, not with sadness, nor grief but with pride and love. I received just such a message from my Dad today and I can honestly say, given the mood I’ve been in recently, I truly needed his support.

I worry very much that I don’t make those who care about me proud. His testament to me through the words we shared made me feel good at the very heart of who I am. Such expressions between us are rare, as my father and I interacted much in the way many fathers and sons have. Not often did we express how we felt about each other, and words like love or admiration were understood but rarely spoken. There were of course moments of sentiment or times when either of us was broken down to the point where expressing emotion was unavoidable, but rarely was it deliberate. It just wasn’t something we did.

I am more thankful than I could ever say that he is with me. He reminded me that I never stand alone. That my father, his father before him, his grandfather  and back through our lineage are all standing with me, always. I rarely remember that my family has a long line of strong, honorable, good men that I can call my forefathers. It is because of them that I am the man I am today. I do my best to live honorably, with integrity and to treat all people fairly and in a manner in which I would want to be treated. Sometimes, I fail but I know that my forefathers watch down upon me to guide me and help me fix things when I have made a mistake. I am thankful for their guidance and support. I am sure it is there more than I realize and occasionally I can feel my Grandfather’s presence with me. I am grateful. I am blessed. I am loved.

And that, is a wonderful feeling.

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A Long Time Coming

Hello visitors!

So it’s been a very long time coming I suppose. I haven’t made a blog update in ages. So I figured I’d update.

Laila Ann and I are doing well. The more time we spend together, the more sure I am that she’s the one for me. I’m extremely grateful to have someone as amazing as she in my life. I’m a very fortunate person. She’s kind, beautiful, smart, witty AND she cooks, cleans and does my laundry. She’s the most amazing woman I’ve ever met! I’m pretty sure I’ve hit the mother load. Hooray for me!

Other news, my sister Hadasse has now moved across the country and resides in Portland, OR with her boyfriend Cody. I sincerely hope they’re having the time of their lives! That leaves my mother and I as the last remaining members of my family in the Tri-Cities.

I’m going to be working really hard to ensure I spend more time with mom. I’ve been so busy I don’t always have that much time for stuff besides work and school. It’ll be nice to see her more often. It’d also be good for me to get out of the house more often! Also, she’s found a guy to spend her time with. I haven’t met him yet, but mom assures me I’ll like the guy. In many ways I won’t mention here for his privacy sake, he and I seem very similar so I think we’ll get along just fine. So long as she’s happy really, I’m good.

I had an amazing Christmas. I got to see Laila Ann a tiny bit after all between her getting home from work and my going to eat dinner with Mom, Hadasse, Cody and his family. I was stoked to be invited by them. It was a shame Laila Ann didn’t know she was getting called off that day until after I’d left for dinner! Turns out she was invited!

Totally cashed out this year for Christmas, got all kinds of awesome stuff. Bucky balls, a Ceramic Noodle Cup, Collapsible Chopsticks and an AWESOME Tiny Ray Gun all from Think Geek courtesy of The Whole Fabulous Girlfriend Laila Ann. Generous checks from both my Grandma Bettie and Dad and an awesome $75.00 gift card to a retailer which will remain unnamed from Mom and Hadasse. I have the feeling that I’m forgetting things out of my haul this year, but it’s late and I don’t intend to fret about it at this point.

The items I ordered with some of my Christmas money arrived today! Two new holsters for the Ruger LCP that I have. Hopefully, I’ll have time to get some reviews up in the next little bit! Complete with pictures of course.

Well it’s back to Star Trek: TNG before bed. Hope all those reading are well!

Goodnight and Goodluck!


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First update from my new iPad.

Hello there readers!

This is my first posting from my new iPad! I must say this thing is awesome!!!!!
Pretty much like Star Trek, my very one real life P.A.D.D. Absolutely incredible.

Surprisingly, the on screen keyboard is extremely intuitive and responsive. Just wow. I’ll greatly enjoy blogging from this device.

Thanks for stopping by!


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An Update Long Coming

Hello again readers!

So nice to have you back in my little corner of the web, how few or many of you there are.

Hopefully, someone other than myself checks things here on occasion.

I suppose a simple update as to my standings in life is necessary, so here goes.

iPhone 4: Purchased. What an amazing device. I am currently using it paired to an Apple Bluetooth Keyboard to write this blog post. That being said this post is largely a test of the keyboard and the iPhone in it’s capacity to be an effective writing device. I believe it will fulfill these requirements nicely.

Work has been challenging as of late not so much on an intellectual level but more so of my ability to put up with stupidity and managers’ inability to manage. This seems to stem largely from the company for whom I work, but we’ll not discuss that as in my employee handbook I am forbidden with threats of termination to discuss them specifically on any digital or print format.

It will suffice to say that some of the individuals with whom I’m forced to work often test my patience and ability to keep a cool head when presented with incompetence and negligence. Oh well, I suppose that’s any company I could work for really. Idiots and incompetent fools are everywhere. I’ll just deal with them as best I can and move on.

I really wish I had more to discuss than work, but sadly that’s what most of my life consists of and it sucks. I spend time with Laila Ann, mom and my sister when I can and I cherish those moments a great deal. I can’t hardly seem to see them all enough. I’m always working or asleep when others are out and about.

I miss them all dearly and am always grateful for the time I do get with them.

Laila Ann especially, although it’s tricky for me given past events to accept that she really does want to be around, I’m thankful she does. She and I are headed down to Chattanooga soon for her to meet dad and run around the city for a bit. Such a nice place down there, SO MUCH TO DO compared to the Tri-Cities. It should be an awesome trip.

I’m really struggling with more to talk about so I guess it’s time to go; I’ve not really been in a writing mood as of late which I’m sure is thrown into sharp relief with my lack of postings. Just not many things going on that I felt like sharing.

As always thanks for stopping by to read a bit about my goings on and hope you all are doing well!

Goodnight and Good Luck!

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BTStack Keyboard Addon for iPhone

This is a brief review of the BT Stack for iPhone that allows the use of a Bluetooth keyboard with the iPhone.

This application is $5.00 in the Cydia Store and requires your iPhone to be jailbroken.

I am typing this blog post right now on the iPhone with a Bluetooth keyboard and am very impressed how much faster typing is and how well the program works.

I am using WordPress’s native application that is installed on my iPhone to do the post.

The addon is extremely fast and has worked in all the apps I have tested it with so far. There has been no key lag, or any other issues. Even the double space to add a period is working!

However, keys such as End, Home, Delete(forward delete), Page Up, Page Down, etc. are not functioning as there is not an instruction set for these types of commands the btstack can call upon. Pushing them does nothing. The same is true of the Function keys.

Setup went very smoothly and was a breeze. Pairing was easy with my Logitech DiNovo Edge Mac Edition Bluetooth Keyboard. I have yet to test it with any other Bluetooth keyboards but plan on purchasing a portable folding keyboard to use with it soon.

Overall the app is very smooth and functions extemely well!


Below are just some of my random ramblings about the functionality. Feel free to continue reading but the review was concluded above.
I must say I like most of the power users in the iPhone community have been waiting on this for a long time. Now it’s finally here! This is a pinacle moment in the terms of iPhones combating the rising instances of netbooks as it’s largest drawback was it is slow compared to a netbook keyboard.

Now coupled with a portable Bluetooth keyboard the jailbroken iPhone will become an even more serious contender in the mobile office environment.

With programs like Quick Office and others that allow creation and editing of Microsoft Office documents together with a portable keyboard the iPhone is now a complete substitute for a small netbook on the go.

More to come as I’m not sure how long of a post I have actually made….


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Neighborly Code of Conduct

Found this on Think Geek. It made me chuckle. Hope you enjoy!

1. If I smell smoke or my Spidey Sense goes off about your place, I’ll notify you immediately. I expect the same from you.

2. If I get your mail or you get mine accidentally, we will hand the piece in question to the appropriate individual and not send it back through the postal system since that didn’t work so well the first time.

3. If I pass you, I will give a customary nod or a “Hello” or “My, that’s a lovely third arm you’re growing.” I will not intentionally slow your progress with the execution of such niceties.

In return, you will not send your children to my doorstep to sell me cookies or gift wrap or a lovely timeshare.

You will not knock on my door to inform me that you’ve found the holy being of your choice.

And you will under absolutely no circumstances call on me to request that I fix your computer.


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Wireless Charging Options for iPhone Reviewed!

So, my dear listeners I have decided to periodically start doing iPhone or other Mac related accessory reviews.

Here is my first one.

Please bear in mind it is extremely late. However, we’ll give it a go and see what happens!

First, there are two mainstream wireless charging options currently available for the iPhone, iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS.

The first I’ll be reviewing is the Pure Energy WildCharge Pad and Jacket for the iPhone. Link to WildCharge
First impressions of this item were decent, although it is apparent their shipping staff and packaging department are rather lacking. The packaging is rather simple and the items were haphazardly tossed into the shipping box and only a few packing materials were used. It is important to note the items did arrive in perfect and undamaged condition.

The WildCharge pad uses actual contacts on the case to connect to electrode strips on the charging mat’s surface. This caused some concern as I was worried about a possibility of shorting the pad and causing electric shock. However, there is some clever circuitry that prevents this as I found out in my testing. I still wouldn’t recommend using this with wet hands as it could potentially cause some issue.

The charging performance was good with a quick charging time and a good solution for those who never want to plug a device in to charge it. This option fulfills this task quite well.

I have some concern of damage to the pad or contacts causing charging issues however as I haven’t owned it long enough to report on that it remains to be seen. All in all this is a viable option for someone who wants to wirelessly charge their iPhone or other supported gadgetry. Total cost for this system is around 85.00 -90.00 USD.

Now, onto my choice for wireless charging after evaluating both options!

I saw the commercial for the Powermat Wireless Charging on T.V. the night I ordered the WildCharge product at around 3-4 in the morning. I decided that the very next day I’d go buy this other product to determine which was best. Link to Powermat

First thing to note about PowerMat is their AMAZING packaging! Not a single detail was overlooked from the closures on the boxes to the clear plastic window that allowed viewing of the item before taking it out of the box.

I purchased the collapsable portable variety of the mat as well as the iPod/iPhone Cradle and iPhone 3G case accessories for the system. The system comes with a “Power Block” which provides numerous tips to connect to a rather shortish cable that allow charging of a multitude of devices. The iPod Dock is adjustable so that it will fit virtually all Apple Dockable iPods with exception to the iPod Shuffle. The iPhone case fits the 3G and 3GS variety phones. The charging time like the WildCharge was very fast and efficient which is pleasing considering wireless charging is known to be less than ideal in terms of efficiency.

A large difference in the two technologies is the Powermat uses what is called “Magnetic Induction” to complete a charging circuit. It also uses magnets in the case to properly align the coils in the case with the pad to ensure proper charging. VERY COOL! The pad also makes a nice chirp and light feedback when proper alignment has occurred and charging has begun. It should be noted that based purely on charging alone both solutions are fast and effective. Also, via buttons on the pad the sound and light feedback can be disabled if this is what you’d like.

However, the deciding factor for me was actually in the cases more so than the pad.

The case for the WildCharge was a simple silicone style case with a charging contacts on the back for connection with the pad. No ability to sync the iPhone with the case on or do anything else other than charge. No external power via car charger or anything.

The Powermat case is made of a hard plastic with the charging coil/magnetic device in the rear of the case. This does make a slightly bulkier case than the WildCharge option, however it allows charging via a port in the bottom of the case AND syncing using an included USB to Micro USB cable! This was a HUGE deal breaker to me as I still wanted to be able to sync my iPhone with my Mac with the case on. The WildCharge case would not allow this and just didn’t feel as well made as the Powermat option.

The only caveat I can offer is in order to use the Powermat with the charging case for the iPhone the cost is around 99.00 USD for the pad and another 40.00 USD for the case or dock where as the WildCharge solution is around 80.00 USD for the whole deal.

My final conclusion: Even though both systems excel at charging the device and the WildCharge is significantly cheaper my choice is the Powermat. For several reason which are a summarized below:

  1. Nice sound and light feedback which show charging status.(the Wild Charge only has a blue light)
  2. Construction of the overall device pad and case are significantly better on the PowerMat.
  3. Syncing with iTunes though the case which is a huge deal since I prefer to update apps on my Mac and then sync changes as this causes fewer issues on the iPhone in my experience and also allows me to update my music/podcasts on the iPhone for listening on the go!
  4. The packaging and presentation on the Powermat are simply superb they execute a brilliant set of commercials which can be viewed online or sometime on T.V. and their packaging is simply top notch. All of the placement of the items was though out and their packaging reflects time and effort put into the presentation of their product as well as the product. This is unusual and in my opinion indicates a great deal of pride and care go into manufacturing said product.

End of the day the Powermat wins in my book assuming you need a solution that is sexy and allows you to sync while it’s in the case that allows wireless charging. If you don’t and need a lower cost option go with the WildCharge solution it’ll work fine for you.

That’s all I have for you today kids I wish you all good computing and FUN on the intertubes!

Thanks for stopping by and Goodnight and Good Luck.

BTW: I was slightly tipsy while writing this and extremely tired so please excuse any nonsense if it’s here… or whatever. 🙂 Hope you enjoyed the review and let me know what you think in the comments!

Also I may be selling the WildCharge Pad/Case if anyone is interest please let me know in the comments and I’ll get back with you. Also ryland.thomas (at) G Mail(Dot) com will work as well.

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A Long Time Passed

So, it has been many months since I updated my blog with my thoughts or random ramblings. I figured now,a night when I was at work late and find myself thinking all to much of things I wish I had, would be as good a time as any to let my readers however many or few there are know what’s been happening in my life.

First and foremost I have made a change with regards to my job. I have been moved to a new department free from the tyranny of my previous supervisor. While I will miss my actual manager, the rest of the individuals who shall remain nameless, I cannot honestly say I’ll shed tears for their absence from my existence. My new schedule is of the most importance as I’ll be working from 3:30PM – 1:00AM or something along those lines. I’ll also be going to school during the day. Needless to say, I’ll be quite busy. Happiness though is often found in the lack of boredom or idle state.

As for the rest of my life I have found that I honestly miss having a companion. I have been single now for quite sometime mostly because I am fearful of a repeat and really don’t want to be hurt again. While I am thankful I am not still in the situation I was, I often find myself wishing I had more. It seems an awful waste to live my existence one happenstance encounter to another with no real day to day interaction with anyone I can truly call my own. I’m sure I’ve had plenty of opportunity to be a taken guy and to be truly happy but I’m really not sure I know how to be that open anymore. I felt so taken advantage of and mislead before and then left to hang with nothing, not even a whisper as to why. While I realize this is something I should let go and I try every day, sometimes I can’t help but to remember and then the fear, the upset  comes rushing back. I can honestly say I’m not stuck on her, but I still don’t understand and true to my nature it’s difficult for me to let go what I do not understand. I also fear and have a hard time trusting how another can claim to care about me when I was told these exact words so many times only to be left with an empty heart.

As of late I have made many dumb assumptions with relation to people in my life. I assumed based on bad data, in my own sometimes so intelligent I’m stupid head, that these people didn’t actually care about me even though they told me they did. Now some of them are lost possibly forever. The moral I offer here; if you care for someone tell them and be honest, because you might not ever get to if you wait.

I try to keep something in mind, everything happens for a reason at least I hope it does.

We often take for granted the moments in our lives: good, bad and indifferent. This is foolish, as there is no such thing as a bad or indifferent moment. All moments are good because they happened and there was one more. Some may be and are better than others but each one teaches us something or makes better in some way, it’s all a matter of perspective. I urge everyone to be thankful for the day, the hour, the minute, and the moment as these are but blinks in time of which once they pass we can never get them back. So it ever so important to snag them as they shoot by and hold them dear. Each moment is important and wonderful no matter what happens in it because through some beautiful happening we were allowed to have that one extra tick on the clock.

Another interesting view is the Law of Attraction. If you don’t know what it is, I can’t accurately explain it to you, nor would you believe me if I did. You must see and learn this for yourself. Two things I recommend in this aspect 1) a bit of self reflection on where you are and where you’d like to be and 2) a book and DVD series called “The Secret”. Both will change your life if you let them.

This really is all I have to say at the moment and I am sure I’ll find someone great for me really soon and everything will fall in to place and work out… It always does.

Thanks for stopping by to read my few thoughts on my life and the world again today. Until next time.

“Goodnight, and Goodluck.”


“The past is history, the future is a mystery and right now is a gift… That’s why it’s called The Present.”

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Are you a Sheep or a Sheepdog?

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A worthy watch

This video is truly amazing and definitely worth a watch.

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